TXT Was Spotted Following BTS’s Example at a Recent Press Conference

ARMYs will find this behavior awfully familiar.

BigHit Entertainment‘s new group, TXT recently held their debut showcase where they were spotted doing something that might look awfully familiar to BTS fans.

TXT, which is BigHit’s first boy group since BTS debuted 6 years ago, successfully showcased their debut performance and then proceeded to take questions during a press conference.

As soon as the press conference began, each member picked up their pen and started jotting down notes as if they had agreed upon to do so beforehand.

This sight was often seen with BTS at their press conferences, and the way they made sure not to miss any of the questions that were asked made them become known as “writing idols”.

When TXT was spotted exhibiting the same behavior, it was assumed that they were following their superiors’ example and those who noticed this couldn’t help but smile.

Source: Insight
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