TXT’s Oldest Member Yeonjun Is Already Earning A “Grandpa” Rep

Fans caught him saying something that only an “ahjussi” will understand.

TXT‘s Yeonjun is just 19 years old, but he’s already living up to the “grandpa” status given to a K-Pop group’s oldest member.


This baby-faced cutey could easily be mistaken for TXT’s real maknae (Taehyun) and vice versa, but according to Korean netizens Yeonjun is 100% old man on the inside.


In Yeonjun’s first-ever Twitter message to fans, he revealed his grandpa ways by making a “dad joke” that went right over most non-Korean speakers’ heads.

“Hello everyone!!! This is Yeonjun from TOMORROW X TOGETHER!!! I’m sending my first greeting through Twitter, but I’ll be coming to see you soon haha Also, thank you for giving us so much love even though we haven’t debuted yet!!! I’m so touched sobsob (additional playful sounds)… We’ll do our best to show you our best selves so please look forward to it and love us! Thank you.”

— Yeonjun


In this post, Yeonjun referenced a popular, but old, Korean meme with the playful crying sounds he used.


Fans are now describing Yeonjun as a “young soul with old jokes” and they can’t wait to hear what kind of jokes he and BTS’s “old man” Jin will come up with together!

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