Taehyun Revealed He’s TXT’s Maknae, Now Fans Are Seriously Confused

This surprising new info is making fans question everything they think they know about TXT.

In Taehyun‘s first-ever Twitter greeting, he referred to himself as “lovely maknae Taehyun”, shocking fans everywhere.

“Hello! I am TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s lovely maknae Taehyun. Did you watch all of our introduction films? haha Although we didn’t debut yet, we opened up this account because we wanted to communicate with everyone! Please love TOMORROW X TOGETHER.”

— Taehyun


Up until now, many fans believed that HueningKai, the first of TXT’s two 02 liners, was the group’s youngest member, so Taehyun’s reveal came as a surprise. HueningKai’s birthday was believed to be August 14, while Taehyun’s was thought to be April 11.


Not only that, fans are having a difficult time matching Taehyun’s striking visuals to his actual age, 16.


According to them, Taehyun’s “mature” looks make it hard to believe that he’s really the group’s youngest member.


In fact, if fans were to guess the members’ ages by looks alone, many might think that TXT’s oldest member, Yeonjun, is the true maknae!


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