Here’s Everything We Know About TXT’s Yeonjun, So Far

This is what we’ve learned about this mysterious member…so far.

BigHit Entertainment broke the internet when they revealed the first member of their new boy group TXTYeonjun. Not much has been revealed about him so far, but here’s what we’ve learned about him so far.


1. He is the first TXT member to be revealed to the public.

BigHit Entertainment Unveils The First Member Of New Boy Group TXT

At midnight on January 11 (KST), BigHit Entertainment’s 24-hour “coming soon” website counter hit 0 and redirected to TXT’s official website. There, Yeonjun’s face and name were revealed to the world!


2. His age

Yeonjun is a 99 liner, which would make him 19-20 years old, depending on when his birthday is.


3. He is infuriatingly handsome

Will Yeonjun be TXT’s visual? Maybe the face of the group? His official position hasn’t been revealed, but he’d make a great candidate for either of these positions. Just look at that gorgeous face!


4. He is associated with the color yellow

BigHit Entertainment rarely does anything by accident, so fans might want to keep this yellow gerbera daisy in mind. It could tie into TXT’s concept, which has yet to be unveiled.


5. He knows how to have fun!

Yeonjun’s teaser shows him playing arcade games…

…gaming at an internet cafe…

…and jumping around in a karaoke room. So, it’s safe to say that he’s a lot of fun to be around!


6. He has officially usurped BTS Jungkook’s maknae status

Jungkook Isn’t BigHit’s Maknae Anymore, Here’s How Fans Are Coping

Even though we don’t know Yeonjun’s exact age yet, he is likely younger than BTS‘s Golden Maknae. As of today, Jungkook is no longer the “baby” of BigHit Entertainment!


7. He has 7 “brothers” he can depend on

TXT is BTS’s first “brother group”. Like true brothers, BTS will certainly be taking caring of their hoobaes because they’re all part of the same BigHit family!


8. He was popular in school

Since news of Yeonjun’s debut broke, Korean netizens have been sharing bits of information they know about him.

Those who claim to have gone to school with him say he was very popular.

They’ve even shared what they’ve claimed are predebut photos of him!


9. Fans already love him!

Fans don’t know much about Yeonjun so far, but they are welcoming him, and TXT, with open arms!


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