Here’s Everything BTS Fans Have Uncovered About BigHit’s New Boy Group

Here’s all the “evidence” fans have gathered about this upcoming boy group.

BigHit Entertainment recently tweeted out a mysterious new teaser website that is now believed to be counting down the hours to a new group’s debut. Here’s all the “evidence” fans have gathered about that group so far.


1. Group name

The name of BigHit Entertainment’s new group is believed to be TOMORROW x TOGETHER, or TXT for short.

Fans first suspected that this could be the group’s name after finding evidence that the company had trademarked it.


2. Group members

Photos of alleged BigHit Entertainment trainees have been floating around the internet since 2016, but if there’s one trainee who has a good chance of debuting with TXT, it’s Kim Jaeha.

Kim Jaeha is a rapper and a student at the  DEF Dance Skool Academy. He has been a BigHit Entertainment trainee since early 2018. Most idols train a minimum two years before debuting, but there are exceptions to this rule. Kim Jaeha might just be one of them!


3. YouTube channel

ARMY Discover Mysterious Evidence That Big Hit Entertainment Is Planning Something New

In December, ARMYs noticed a mysterious YouTube channel that appeared on December 9. At first, many thought it was connected to BTS’s 2019 comeback, but it now seems to have been set up for TXT.

The channel changed its name and logo from “Idol 2×2” to “Blue Goblin TV” right around the time BigHit Entertainment dropped their “coming soon” announcement on January 9.


4. Twitter accounts

Fans have discovered two private Twitter accounts with the name TXT. One is an international TXT account…

…and the other is for Japan.


5. Websites

On January 9 BigHit Entertainment tweeted out a mysterious message that included a “coming soon” website.

The website has a 24-hour countdown on the left and the cryptic message on the right…

..that comes up when users click on the above image. 

Some fans thought this site could be for BTS, until they discovered several clues hidden in its code, such as the keywords “New Boy Group”.

In addition to the coming soon site, fans have also discovered “”, which may be the rookie group’s official website.


6. Signature hand sign

Some fans think that BTS have dropped hints about the group by using this hand sign.

If you look closely, it looks like an infinity sign…

…or perhaps a Venn diagram?


7. Logos

Fans have two particular images they believe to be the group’s logos. One is this black and white image that looks similar to BTS’s logo…

…the other is this “blue goblin” image currently posted as the profile picture on the group’s YouTube channel.


8. Debut concept

Based on fans have seen of the group’s imagery, some fans think that the group’s debut concept might have to do with astronomy or eclipses.

Other believe that TXT will be adding new plotlines to the BTS universe or exploring an alternate reality. “You & I” could be referring to BTS and TXT, two different groups within the same BigHit universe.