ARMY Discover Mysterious Evidence That Big Hit Entertainment Is Planning Something New

Is it something for BTS or their new boy group?

ARMYs are always on the lookout for new clues and pieces of evidence to support their theories since they know that BTS and Big Hit Entertainment love to keep them guessing. And ARMYs have recently discovered a new piece of evidence that’s creating all kinds of new theories!


A few days ago, fans noticed a mysterious YouTube channel that appeared on December 9 and their suspicions were immediately raised.


Some fans started to get recommendations for a new video but when they attempted to click on it, it showed that the video wasn’t available!


While it was already strange enough that ARMYs were getting recommendations for videos that weren’t viewable when they went to go look up the channel they found an even bigger mystery. The main page listed the channel as having three videos…


But the channel itself hasn’t officially uploaded anything for viewers yet.


What really got fans thinking, however, was the word “IDOL 2×2” and all the plus signs used on the channel. Fans have since been wondering what exactly Big Hit Entertainment has up their sleeves.


And it’s opened the floodgates to a whole bunch of new theories. First, there are fans that believe that the new channel has something to do with BTS. Especially since the “IDOL 2×2” has them remembering RM‘s words during the opening of “IDOL” at 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong.


Additionally, all the plus signs are another thing that has fans convinced it’s BTS related. Fans noticed an added plus sign on the VCR of their MAMA performance…


As well as, at the beginning of their “Intro” performance.


On top of that fans have been comparing the logo found on the channel to that of BTS’s own. They’ve noticed that the design is eerily similar to one that designers had created for the group when they announced that BTS would stand for “Beyond The Scene.”


Other fans have taken the logo in a different direction saying that it looks like the hallway after opening the doors or a playing card.


Many ARMYs have been thinking that this means a further continuation of the Love Yourself series…


Or something completely different! Especially since fans have been paying close attention to the card theory and one particular book that BTS have been talking about.


On the other hand, many fans believe this doesn’t directly relate to BTS but to their upcoming brother group. Big Hit Entertainment did announce their intention of debuting BTS’s brother group sometime during the coming year.

Big Hit Entertainment Will Debut a Brand New Boy Group in 2019


And after some fans found what they believe to be evidence that Big Hit Entertainment put in a trademark application for “+OMORROW X +OGETHER”, fans are convinced it’s got something to do with the new group!


Many fans think that “+OMORROW X +OGETHER” is going to be the name of the new group.


And the unviewable videos are simply because they haven’t debuted yet!


As for the added plus signs in BTS’s MAMA performance, these ARMYs think that it either means the new group is going to continue BTS’s message of love or that the group simply meant it as a special message for ARMYs.


Although there’s no saying for sure what Big Hit Entertainment has up their sleeves, or even if this channel was created by them, if there’s one thing that is for certain it’s that ARMY will get to the bottom of it in time!