Jungkook Isn’t BigHit’s Maknae Anymore, Here’s How Fans Are Coping

Jungkook is no longer the youngest member of BigHit Entertainment.

Now that BigHit Entertainment has a new boy group, BTS have a little brother, and Jungkook is no longer the company’s youngest member


In 2013, Jungkook debuted at just 15 years old. This talented rookie won hearts with his adorable bunny looks and mischevious personality.


Six years later, the Golden Maknae is now a 21-year-old superstar. How time flies!


On January 8 (January 9 KST) fans trended #JKDAY to celebrate “Jungkook Day”.

Here’s How A.R.M.Y And Others Are Celebrating Jungkook Day


Soon after, BigHit Entertainment dropped cryptic tweet, teasing about their new boy group, TXT. That’s when it hit ARMY: Jungkook has celebrated his last “Jungkook Day” as BigHit Entertainment’s maknae


Ever since then, BTS fans have been “mourning” the loss of Jungkook’s maknae status…and memeing it up.


Everyone knows that Jungkook isn’t a fan of being called “oppa”, so how will he react to being called “hyung”?


For more about BigHit Entertainment’s new group, check out the first member!

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