Here’s How A.R.M.Y And Others Are Celebrating Jungkook Day

Jungkook is the world’s baby.

#JungkookDay is trending around the world on social media and everyone is wishing Jungkook a great day.

Shazam, the music identification application has wished Jungkook a happy day.

American television show Entertainment Tonight has thrown their good wishes in as well.

BBC Radio 1 who have previously had BTS in the studio have shared a heartwarming video in celebration.

The celebrations among A.R.M.Y are in full swing as well as they promote Jungkook and what he stands for.

This A.R.M.Y donated money to UNICEF, who BTS are brand ambassadors for in honor of Jungkook!

A.R.M.Y are streaming “Euphoria”, Jungkook’s beautiful solo from Love Yourself: Answer as a tribute to Jungkook.

Jungkook Day seems to be a global affair! He is loved around the world.

Finally, A.R.M.Y is reminiscing on some of Jungkook’s best moments.

It’s heartwarming that everyone can come together to celebrate BTS‘s golden maknae!