Here’s Everything We Know About TXT’s Soobin, So Far

This is what we’ve learned about this mysterious member…so far.

BigHit Entertainment broke the internet when they revealed the first member of their new boy group TXTYeonjun. Now the second member in the lineup, Soonbin, is gaining fans at the speed of light. Not much has been revealed about him, but here’s what we’ve learned so far.


1. He is the second  TXT member to be revealed to the public

BigHit Entertainment Unveils The Second Member Of New Boy Group TXT

72 nail-biting hours after Yeonjun was revealed, the world was introduced to the second member of the group, Soobin.

In his teaser, Soobin is portrayed as a carefree spirit with a bright smile and a bright personality to match it.


2. His age

In a press release, BigHit Entertainment revealed that Soobin is a 00 liner, which would make him 18-19 years old, depending on when his birthday is.

Right now, netizens believe that his birthday may be on January 14, 2000. If this is true, it means he turned 19 on his debut day!


3. His height

Rumor Has It That TXT’s Soobin Is Taller Than RM, And Netizens Can’t Handle It

At 181 cm/5’11”, RM is the tallest member of BTS, but he may no longer be the tallest idol at BigHit Entertainment. Soobin is believed to stand at 184 cm tall or 6 foot tall!


4. His position

BigHit Entertainment has revealed that Soobin is the leader of TXT. Netizens’ research says that he may be either a member of the vocal or rap line, but this is unconfirmed.


5. He was always good looking

Predebut photos of Soobin prove that he was always a visual king…

…even before he became a rookie idol.

As a child, he was absolutely adorable.

Just look at that sweet face!


6. He has validated netizens’ theories

Korean Netizens Dig Up Photos And Info On Rumored TXT Members

When BigHit Entertainment revealed TXT’s first member, Korean netizen-detectives spent the next 24-hours scouring the internet for more information about Yeonjun and the rest of TXT. Netizens ended up compiling a list of rumored members, and placed them in the order of “who will be revealed next”.

Soobin was listed as the second rumored member on this and he ended up being the second official member to be revealed. If Soobin is part of TXT, maybe the rest of the rumored members are too?


7. His flower

So far, each of the TXT members has been pictured with a different kind of yellow flower in TXT’s teaser pictures. Soobin’s yellow rose could symbolize his role in TXT in some way, or tie into TXT’s mysterious concept.


8. He has celebrity “twins”

Netizens Have Already Discovered TXT Soobin’s Long Lost Twin

Soobin’s handsome visuals have been reminded netizens of some famous faces, including at least one BTS member’s.


9. Fans already support him!

Fans may not know much about Soobin yet, but they’ve already opened their hearts to him…

…and can’t wait to see his talents shine!


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