Rumor Has It That TXT’s Soobin Is Taller Than RM, And Netizens Can’t Handle It

If it’s true, he’s going to be the sweet giant of BigHit Entertainment.

At 181 cm/5’11”, it would be pretty near impossible to lose BTS‘s RM in a crowd. He’s the tallest member of BTS and the tallest in his company, but it looks like he won’t be the tallest member of BigHit Entertainment anymore.


Early today, BigHit Entertainment unveiled the second member of their new boy group, TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT).


Of course, fans were quick to find out any information they could about Soobin and rumor has it they’ve found his age, position, and height.


Korean netizens believe that he’s a 00 liner, which would make him 18-19 years old, depending on when his birthday is. They also believe that he’s going to be the group’s leader and a rapper. But it’s his height that is causing the biggest stir.


Soobin is rumored to be 184 cm tall or 6 foot tall, making him taller than BTS’s resident giant!


While many netizens are shocked that he may very well be a giant himself…


They can’t help but have a little bit of fun with the information too!


Scratch that, a lot of fun with the information!


Now we just need to wait and see how tall Soobin really is and get a pic of him next to RM!

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