9 Times TXT Forgot To Tell Yeonjun The Dress Code

Let’s all wear white and not tell Yeonjun!

TXT’s Yeonjun makes bold style choices and isn’t afraid to take fashion risks. However, sometimes this makes him stand out like a sore thumb from his fellow members. Check out the 9 hilarious times he didn’t get the matching memo!

1. Matching masks

Everyone decided to rock a black face mask…but not Yeonjun. He went with solid white and stood out in the center of the group!

| @txt_bighit/Twitter

2. Pants or shorts?

From jeans to sweats, each member of TXT donned a pair of pants in their “Cat & Dog” photoshoot. Yeonjun broke the status quo and went with a two-piece set that let his legs get some fresh air.

3. Monochromatic is not his style

For their Minisode 1Blue Hour concept photos, all-white was the way to go. However, Yeonjun showed off his unique flair with a bold blue pair of pants.

4. No accessories

Yeonjun knows how good he looks in a beret — and he was the only member to wear any sort of hat.

| @txt_bighit/Twitter

5. No red for me

In TXT H:OUR, the members wore primarily red in this cozy scene. Yeonjun followed his own instinct and went with a white top…but he gets bonus points for at least trying to match with his red sleeve!

6. Black pants? Not a chance

In their choreography practice video for “CROWN,” Yeonjun just couldn’t resist the spotlight in his white pants.


7. This speaks for itself

He joined the crop-top fun with the others, but his choice of bubble gum pink didn’t quite make him blend him.


8. Purple boys

Everyone chose a purple top during this live broadcast…except for Yeonjun, of course.

9. Let’s all have natural hair colors and not tell Yeonjun

He went bold with vibrant blue while the other members stuck with natural hair colors.