TXT’s Yeonjun Is Driving Everyone Wild With His Gorgeous Visuals At The 2022 AMAs, And These 10+ Reactions Are Too Real

His photo in #6 thoughπŸ”₯

On November 21, TXT attended the 2022 American Music Awards as a nominee of the “Favorite K-Pop Artist” category. Though they did not clinch the award, they stole the hearts of people all over the world with their presence.

Yeonjun, in particular, was the talk of the town while the event was ongoing. He left everyone amazed at his real life visuals, confidence, and charisma.

Check out some relatable reactions below!

1. First up, when he made us faint

2. When he had the most captivating stare

3. When he was just like a model

4. When even the camera was drawn to him

5. When he left us speechless

6. When he was handsome from head to toe

7. When his shirt fit him too well

8. When each photo was a blessing

9. When he was in his element

10. When he made jaws drop

11. When his smile was the death of us

12. When the styling fit him perfectly

13. And when even low quality photos showed off his high quality visuals

One thing is certain: Yeonjun’s impact was immense at the AMAs!


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