10 Heavy Breathing “Ending Fairy” Moments Of TXT’s Yeonjun That Will Make You Sweat

#4 will make any TXT fan swerve for him.

TXT’s Yeonjun has endless charisma that lasts all the way until the last second of his performances. Check out the top 10 moments he was the “ending fairy” (and left fans breathing just as heavy as he was)!

1. This leather jacket look is superior.

2. His gaze is unreal.

3. He has stage charisma for days.

4. Yeonjun stans beware of this one.

5. The two different contacts make him look even more out-of-this-world.

6. He’s basically perfect.

7. He looks like an angel in all white!

8. …But just as easily, he can become a devil.

9. This may be too much for your heart.

10. This hairstyle suits him so well!