Here Are 25 HD Photos Of TXT’s Yeonjun Flawlessly Modeling The 2021 F/W UL:KIN LSD Collection

Model Yeonjun is here to bias wreck you into next week.

If you thought Yeonjun had already proved the extent of his charisma and talent as both an actor and member of TXT, think again. Confirming his status as a triple threat, Yeonjun can add “model” to his resume with his recent involvement modeling for the 2021 F/W UL:KIN LSD Collection. Check out 25 HD photos of him below that will leave you in awe of his beauty!

1. Denim Jacket and Turtleneck

This styling on Yeonjun is perfect for him.

2. Gray Hoodie

Bad boy meets streetwear meets 4th generation “IT” boy!

Model Yeonjun is all we ever needed in life.

3. Jackets

I think we can all agree Yeonjun looks best in some oversized outwear and tons of metallic accessories.

To be honest, he looks his best in anything.

Charisma and visuals — He’s the total package.


4. All-Black

A head-to-toe monochromatic look lets his visuals do the talking…

…and boy, do they speak a lot!

Source: LSD Collection