7 Times TXT’s Yeonjun Proved He’s The King Of Twerking

You can’t unsee #2. 😂

TXT‘s Yeonjun loves to dance anywhere, anytime. You can catch him twerking while doing just about anything! From live streaming to variety shows, wherever he is becomes his stage. Check out 7 hilarious times he left MOAs in awe of his skills!

1. When he dropped it low to the beat

No one was ready for this!

2. Suddenly busting a move during his livestream

Don’t worry, Yeonjun — Only every MOA ever saw this.

3. Really getting into it here

He means business when he pops his shoulders.

4. When it’s time to celebrate

Did someone say booty shake?!

5. When all of the boys go wild

You can’t take them anywhere!

6. Turning the karaoke room into a stage

He’s killing it.

7. Not even a cape can conceal his desire to dance

Shake it, Yeonjun!