You’ve Been Sleeping On These Solo Artists And Didn’t Even Know It

With many less than 300k views and even some with less than 10k views, a lot of people have never heard of these talented solo artists.

It’s no secret that K-Pop groups are usually more popular than solo artists… but it doesn’t have to be that way! These solo artists have less than 300k views but are still so talented and amazing. You’ve been sleeping and it’s time to wake up!

15. “BETTING” by Xydo ft. pH-1 (currently 278,476 views)

| K Hip Hop Wiki

Xydo is a soloist and producer under GROOVL1N, which is VIXX‘s Ravi‘s label. He debuted in 2019 and says that English fans can call him “C.W. Park”. His voice is so smooth and the beat hits just right. His stage name is an abbreviation for “try” in Korean, so we hope you try him out!

He is still currently making music and his last comeback was in March!

14. “For the Record” by Sophiya (currently 224,712 views)

| KCrush America Magazine

Sophiya is a Korean-British soloist who has even been supported by GOT7‘s Jinyoung. She debuted in 2018 and has written many songs for acts such as BoA, Twice, Sistar, and more. Her voice is like an angel and just makes you calm all over.

It’s unclear if she is still making her own music as the last music video we could find is from 2019, but we’re holding on hope!

13. “AQUARIUM” by #Gun (currently 213,429 views)

Many will probably remember #Gun from the show NO.MERCY, as he was very close to becoming a member of MONSTA X. He is still with Starship Entertainment and has been a soloist since 2016. His rap is strong but melodic and Monbebes were happy to see how grown and mature he has become.

He is still making music as his last music video was in April.

12. “HEADACHE” by Moon Jong Up ft. YUNHWAY (currently 188,427 views)

| Discogs

You may know him as a former member of B.A.P. but did you know he actually made his solo debut just this May? He is now a part of The Groove Company and goes by his full name, Moon Jong Up. He has followed the retro trend of 2020 but has done it flawlessly. This song is catchy and romantic, you’ll want to listen to it for days! YUNHWAY is also a severely underrated rapper with a gorgeous voice.

He hasn’t released anything since May, but we hope he keeps going!

11. “차단했어 (BLOCKED)” by Ash-B ft. Cherry Coke (currently 182,409 views)

| @_markleaf/Twitter

Ash-B is a solo rapper who you may know from Unpretty Rapstar 2 and 3. She debuted with Stone Music Entertainment all the way back in 2014. Her flow is amazing and her voice is so soft, it’s hard to believe she’s so underrated.

She is very actively making music and her last release was only a few months ago! (A little short on music videos, but it seems a lot of rappers prefer mixtapes anyway.)

10. “FANTASY” by kyuu (currently 155,427 views)

| Vocal

Formerly known as NUNSSEOP (Eyebrows), this solo rapper originally debuted in 2016 with a single but officially debuted in 2018 with a full album. He is a part of POISONHOLYC Crew and his distributor is Warner Music Korea. His voice is unique and his music videos have interesting stories attached.

He is still making music, just now as kyuu. His last song was released in August.

9. “we (OUI)” by jeebanoff ft. sogumm (currently 153,814 views)


Jeebanoff started as an underground artist and is still pretty underground. His company is goodtomeetyou. Despite winning an award for his music, he is still virtually unknown. Although, he is pretty well known for his pixelated album art. His voice is truly addicting.

He is still making music as well as collaborating with other artists. His most recent song was released in September.

8. “Mini Radio (Zizizik)” by Som Hein (currently 140,000 views)

| K-Pop Database

Som Hein is one of the few openly LGBTQ+ Korean singers out there as she came out as bisexual in 2019. Some may know her as a former contestant on Mnet‘s Idol School named Som Hyein who left due to her anorexia (and alleged bullying). Her voice is ethereal and she is so talented that it’s crazy to think that she isn’t more popular.

It’s unclear if she is still making music as her last music video was in 2019. However, she seems to enjoy podcasts and radios as of late.

7. “Jamie Cullum” by DAVII (currently 43,897 views)

| HallyuMusic

It’s a little difficult to find accurate information on this solo singer, but he debuted in 2017 with a collaboration with HEIZE. He has also composed a few songs for BEAST and 4MINUTE‘s JENYER. His recent song is very unique in the fact that it is inspired by jazz singer Jamie Cullum and infuses heavy jazz tones in a fun, modern way.

His song came out on December 8, so he is freshly making music!

6. “그게 너라서 (That’s You)” by SEONGRI (currently 41,913 views)

| YesAsia

Our guess as to why Seongri is so underrated is the fact that anywhere you search for him it autocorrects to Seungri from BIGBANG. While slightly frustrating, he’s worth the find. Known as the former leader of RAINZ and a former contestant on Produce 101, his voice is so gentle and comforting. He is currently with C2K Entertainment.

He is very active! His latest song happened to be released just last week.

5. “Bloom” by YELLA ft. snzae (currently 22,735 views)

| genie

YELLA is another artist that is hard to find as there isn’t much information on him and the search engines always show Yella Diamond instead. He debuted in September with the album Maybecolorful which also featured previously listed artist, Xydo. His breathy voice makes you feel like it’s Spring again.

As he just debuted, we hope he continues making music and grows more popular!

4. “Flower” by Park So Yeon (currently 14,417 views)

| Kprofiles

Park So Yeon finally debuted earlier this month! Fans were waiting for her return as they were fans of her when she was on Produce 101, MIXNINE, and Kpop Star 2. She looks like she’s having so much fun and the song reflects that perfectly.

As she just debuted a few weeks ago, go support her!

3. “비밀 (Secret)” by Sujo (currently 3,120 views)

| K-Indie Wiki

Previously Kayy, Sujo debuted back in 2017. Her majestic voice will take you on a magical journey as you listen and watch her aesthetic visuals.

Her most recent music video was just last week, give her a try!

2. “Dance Floor” by divin’ (currently 2,190 views)

| ARKInterviews

This electronica/pop artist debuted all the way back in 2017. He usually works with the producer Super Moon but is otherwise pretty much completely unknown. How could he though with such an amazing voice and distinct vibe?

He is still making music as he just put out some music videos in the past few months.

1. “Neverland” by EUNGI (currently 1,706 views)

| K-Pop Wiki

Eungi is a member of the group HICUTIE, and both are pretty music completely unknown. She debuted with HICUTIE in 2017 but her solo song was released just last week. It seems to be her only solo song for now. However, the music video is fun and the concept is very playful.

As of this posting, both HICUTIE and her are still active, show them some love!

How many did you know?