Former Idol School Contestant Som Hein Opens Up About Her Bisexuality And Her Ex-Girlfriend

She shared her inner thoughts.

Former Idol School contestant Som Hein (also known as Som Hyein) opened up about her bisexuality and spoke about her ex-girlfriend.

In an interview she held with Xportnews, she shared details about the support she received for coming out as bisexual, her worries when she decided to come out, and what happened between her and her now ex-girlfriend, that caused them to separate.

Back in August 2019, Som Hein revealed to the public her girlfriend, and she spoke about how she was very worried at the time. This led her to only reveal pictures and small details about her.

I was worried that because she was a non-celebrity, she would be in the attention of the media or internet users, and her personal information or identity would be exposed or unintentionally damaged. That’s why I just said ‘I have a girlfriend’ on Instagram and officially came out then.

I wanted to be careful because I would have been so sorry if I caused damage to her. It’s not something I can take responsibility for (leaking her personal details) so I wanted to protect her from potential issues as much as possible.

— Som Hein

She also shared how she didn’t pay attention to the media’s or netizen’s malicious comments or prejudice against her following her coming out.

I shared my story through Instagram, and I also clearly conveyed my position through an interview afterwards. But even still, I felt like people would say malicious things about my same-sex relationship.

From then on, I guess I decided to only listen and see what I wanted to. I didn’t care about other people’s views. Even if they say it 100 times, I’ll only listen to what I want to, so I didn’t care about what others said anymore.

— Som Hein

Finally, she shared details about how her breakup happened, and what she wishes for society in future regarding LGBT relationships.

We naturally broke up. We became distant from each other. I was doing my stuff, she was doing her stuff, and we had to keep doing our own things. We ended up going back to our respective selves.

This was my first public same-sex relationship. I was meeting well before, even when I didn’t reveal it. These days, people seem to have a more positive outlook on homosexuality compared to before. I continue to dream of a world where there is no prejudice and a world that is culturally diverse.

— Som Hein

Som Hein appeared on Idol School in 2017, and has since released a mini-album. She is currently practicing for her new start as an actress.

Source: Xportnews