Former “Idol School” Contestant Comes Out As Bisexual, Reveals Her Girlfriend

She revealed everything.

Former Idol School contestant Som Hein has revealed she is bisexual, her girlfriend to the public for the first time, and shared some of her personal experiences with bisexuality.

Som Hein (Also known as Som Hyein on the show) was a contestant on Mnet’s Idol School in 2017. However, she chose to withdraw from the program due to multiple health issues, including anorexia, depression, and anxiety. Her last placement in the rankings was #29.

On August 9, she made a post, revealing she had a girlfriend for the very first time.

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chu chu My girlfriend

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Following her reveal, she took to her Instagram story to answer more questions about her sexuality, and other things fans were curious about.

She first revealed that they have not been dating for that long.

After talking about her upcoming album, which she is working on and promised it will be even better than her debut, she revealed another picture of her girlfriend, and wasn’t afraid to show her love for her.

She revealed her girlfriend had short hair…

And confirmed that she was not lesbian, but instead bisexual.

Her confidence about her sexuality is inspiring others to do the same.

She is currently very happy with her girlfriend…

But her girlfriend is trying to be careful due to her work.

She revealed she plans on trying to incorporate a LGBT inspired song on her new album.

Som Hein shared she was glad to have come out of the closet.

And eventually revealed her girlfriend’s name, Eunbin.

Finally, she told her fans that she came out because she was confident about her identity, and encouraged people to just be true to themselves.

Som Hein made her solo debut in May 2019 with her single “Mini Radio”.