7 Unedited Moments Of IU At The “Blue Dragon Film Awards” Showing What She Actually Looks Like IRL

Her natural visuals are breathtaking.

IU recently attended the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards, wearing a beautiful princess dress to accept her award. It didn’t take long for IU’s stunning beauty in real life to capture viewers’ attention. Here are seven moments that showed off her breathtaking visuals.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

1. A Princess’s Arrival

Giving a simple wave to the photographers, IU looked ethereal.

2. The Walk Of Royalty

Even from a distance, IU’s stunning beauty could be seen as she walked closer.

3. Fairytale Visuals

With her flawless skin and wind-blown hair, she looked beautifully unreal.

4. Classy Clapping

Her beauty still shined when she was seen jamming to the performance of HYBE‘s rookie girl group NewJeans.

5. The Royal Turn

Turning to look at the photographers, IU’s candid pose showed off her natural visuals.

6. Polite Princess

Whenever the camera focused on IU, she looked stunning every single time.

7. Timeless Beauty

From head to toe, IU’s visuals in real life are absolutely beautiful.


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