Here Are 10+ Unedited Moments Of SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo From The “Edaily Culture Awards” Showing Just How Gorgeous He Looks Like IRL

He looked like a CEO straight out of a K-Drama!

On November 2, SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo was one of the attendees at The 9th Edaily Culture Awards alongside the rest of the members of the group and other idols. After the ceremony, Wonwoo was trending worldwide after his visuals truly looked like something out of a K-Drama.

Here are moments below showing how stunning he is, even in fan-taken photos and videos!

1. How can someone look so good just walking?

It might have been a short trip from the car to the building, but Wonwoo turned it into a personal catwalk.

2. With a sharp suit and glasses, is it surprising that CARATs thought he looked straight out of a K-Drama?

Could he be the new boy in school? The CEO? The superstar who moves in next door?

| @bemyeternal/Twitter

3. Wonwoo looks like a CEO ready to attend a corporate meeting!

With his sharp suit and looking like he means business, anyone could trust him with a successful business.

4. Even in the dark lighting and low quality, Wonwoo’s visuals stood out like a shining star.

The CARATBong might be bright, but Wonwoo’s dazzling good looks can definitely rival it.

| @xxx___0717/Twitter

5. It doesn’t matter if there’s only some lighting or none at all…

CARATs can find Wonwoo amongst a crowd of thousands if they have to.

| @wonangwoo/Twitter

| @wonangwoo/Twitter

6. Wait, is Wonwoo a CEO, a character from a K-Drama… or an actor?

He genuinely has the visuals to do it all.

| @woonwoocat/Twitter

| @woonwoocat/Twitter

7. With his members, Wonwoo definitely looks the most comfortable.

It isn’t surprising that people compare SEVENTEEN to a family because they are all good-looking and take care of each other.

8. Perfect angles don’t exist–

Never mind, we made a mistake because Wonwoo proves it definitely does exist.

| @xxx___0717/Twitter

9. How many angles of Wonwoo walking on stage does one person need?


10. After wearing his mask, Wonwoo just had to take it off and send CARATs into meltdown.

Is it humanly possible for anyone to get even more handsome than this?

| _CROP_717/Twitter

| _CROP_717/Twitter

11. Arriving in a dashing suit and leaving looking boyfriend material, we don’t know which we like better.

Can we take both options? It’s almost impossible to pick just one.

12. This might just be the perfect outfit for the fall season.

It’s warm, fashionable, and bang on trend.

| _CROP_717/Twitter

| _CROP_717/Twitter