9 Unedited Phone Camera Photos To Prove NCT Looks Amazing In Real Life

These photos will help you gauge how they look like in real life!

Ever been blessed by the gods and saw NCT in person? Well, if the answer is no, fret not because we have gathered 9 unedited photos taken by phone cameras to prove just how amazing they look like in real life.

1. Jeno

Jeno looks like a male god in this shot. His physique! His jawline!

2. Jaemin

A man in a uniform, mmm.

3. Lucas

Wait, how can such a perfect man exist?

4. Jaemin

Okay, it’s Na Jaemin again, but this time looking like an angel as he greets fans.

5. Jungwoo

The legendary photo that made fans realize just how tall Jungwoo is.

6. Jungwoo with the perfect side profile

We could ski on his nose.

7. Lucas and his suit

It seems that Lucas is another hot topic for “real life looks” given his prominent features.

8.  Taeyong, Jaehyun and Yuta

Okay, but have you seen these three together? It’s like they came out of a manga.

9. Winwin

Although it’s a little bit low quality, the pixels can’t hide his beauty.

There are of course, many more members and many more visuals in NCT. All 23 members look perfect! If we put them all in a list, the list would be as long as Rapunzel’s mane…

| SM Entertainment

… or Henpunzel (Hendery).


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