10 Unedited Photos And Videos Of BLACKPINK’s Jennie At “Coachella 2023” That Show Her Stunning IRL Visuals

#6 is legendary 🔥

BLACKPINK made history on Coachella 2023‘s main stage on Saturday, and the internet is still buzzing about their incredible performance.

(From left:) BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa at “Coachella 2023” | @Coachella/Twitter

BLACKPINK was the main event as they transformed locals into fans and stole BLINKs’ hearts all over again.

Each member looked beautiful, and BLACKPINK’s Jennie shined on stage. Unedited photos and videos taken by fans at Coachella 2023 showed her unreal and gorgeous real-life visuals.

Check out ten unedited photos and videos below!

1. Living the dream

A Jennie fansite caught this photo of Jennie admiring BLACKPINK’s precious BLINKs, and her dreamy visuals were also captured in the process.

2. A legendary unedited video

Why is this video 10 hours long” and not long enough at the same time?

3. In the moment

Even fully immersed in her performance, Jennie looks stunning.

4. Iconic hair flip

Jennie exuded top-star energy with her effortless stage presence and iconic hair flip.

5. Candid moments

Even in low-quality photos, Jennie’s high-quality visuals shine.

6. Gorgeous with her hair down or tied back

Another candid moment translated into a stunning photo showing Jennie’s charming beauty.

7. She looks so happy to see BLINKs!

When Jennie didn’t have her performance face on, she couldn’t hide her gorgeous smile as she took in BLACKPINK’s historic night.

8. Main character

The wind is a paid actor, and Jennie is the main character.

9. Runway ready

Jennie’s effortlessly smooth runway-ready walk was one for the history books and ensured BLINKs were able to get the best view of the star.

10. From every angle, Jennie is a top visual

Every picture of Jennie looked like a photo shoot, and even in jewel and pearl-adorned designer clothes, her visuals were what shined the most!

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