10 Unexplained BTS Moments That We’re Still Wondering About

These questions might never be answered.

BTS‘s music videos are steeped in mystery, but there are also real-life moments that leave fans with unanswered questions. Here are 10 things ARMYs are still wondering about!

1. What did J-Hope say to RM and Suga?

2. Why did Jin react like this?

3. What caught RM’s eye in the crowd?

4. Why did V bite Jungkook’s arm?

Step 1: Roll up sleeve.

Step 2: NOM NOM NOM.

5. Why did Jungkook steal Jimin’s tissue like a thief in the night?

6. What did Jungkook say to J-Hope during Jin’s speech?

7. Why was Jimin ready to fight?

8. What did Jimin say to J-Hope?

9. What compelled J-Hope to do this?

10. That’s not a pocket