6 Real-Life BTS Mysteries That May Never Be Solved

Here are some real-life moments we all want answers to.

BTS‘s music videos are steeped in mystery, but there are also real-life moments that leave fans with unanswered questions. Here are just a few of them!


1. What is “BATTLEGROUND”?

Back in February, Suga tweeted out this photo of a project he was working on in an audio editing program. The caption says, “Time to sleep now #SUGA”.


One of the tracks in the program was labeled “BATTLEGROUND”. At the time, fans thought the song might have something to do with BTS’s April comeback, but “BATTLEGROUND” never resurfaced. Could it be for Suga’s Agust D comeback?


2. Who hacked BangtanTV, and why?

On January 17, ARMYs discovered that some strange and unsettling changes had been made to BangtanTV. The channel’s name and verification badge vanished, and the description changed to an advertisement for IDOLiSH7: Vibrato, an anime that is not related to BTS in any way.


Some fans suspected that the hacking may have been done to draw attention to IDOLiSH7‘s new episodes, which began airing on January 17, but the apparent hacker was never revealed and Big Hit Entertainment never publicly addressed the issue.


3. What unmentionable books did Jimin read?

In an interview, BTS were asked to recommend some books. Jimin’s books were very…something. What was he reading? We may never know.


4. Why was this scene deleted?

Four years ago, BTS released the on stage: prologue MV with a post-credits scene that no longer exists on BTS’s YouTube channel.


The video was uploaded with the post-credits scene, then deleted, re-edited, and reuploaded without it. Naturally, fans have theories about why this happened, but the whole truth remains elusive, since neither BTS nor their agency have commented on the change.


5. What is the name of the 97 liner group chat?

In a behind the scenes video for McountdownJungkook texted a group chat of his fellow, celebrity 97 liners. Jungkook implied that the group chat name was inappropriate, and it’s a well-kept secret to this day.


6. What’s tasty in Busan?

No list of unsolved BTS mysteries would be complete without this iconic moment! At a fan sign, J-Hope asked fans, “what’s tasty in Busan?”. Jungkook whispered something to J-Hope and Jimin that seems to be 19+…

…but fans never found out what it was!