BTS’s Suga Says Agust D Is Ready To Make A Comeback And Now We’re Freaking Out

Agust D could be coming soon!

BTS’s Suga’s rap alias “Agust D” made its famous debut on August 2016. Although Suga sometimes teases ARMYs with news about his solo comeback, nothing concrete has come out until now.

He mentioned in a recent video that he already produced songs for his mixtape.

This is for my solo. I just have to write down the lyrics and I just don’t feel like it now that I’m touring.

He revealed the number of songs that he’s expecting to make it to the album.

I wanted to put out 10 songs but I might get 6 out of these.

ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement at the rare snippet of information.

Considering that Suga has been working on this since 2018, ARMYs expect that “Agust D2” could be dropped anytime soon.

We’re ready when you’re ready, Agust D!