9 Unforgettable TWICE Sana Moments That Will Make You Smile

No Sana, no life!

TWICE’s Sana is wildly popular, and for good reason: she’s fun, funny, beautiful, and talented. After all, ONCEs don’t say “No Sana, No Life” for no reason!

We’ve compiled 9 of Sana’s many unforgettable moments, and just because it’s Sana, you’re sure to find yourself smiling as you continue to scroll.

1. “The desk was just a desk…”

2. That time she shared she pretended not to understand Korean as a trainee…

3. When she reacted to her necklace breaking during the MV filming for “Feel Special”.

4. That time she stumbled during filming the MV for  “Dance The Night Away” and found the culprit who made her stumble!

5. When she was running her hardest but still came in last.

6. When Sana recognized being clumsy…

7. That time Sana hit her thumb with the tama

… But she kept trying anyway…

… And almost hit herself in the face.

8. When she played cute with the other members of the J-line.

9. And, of course, her iconic “shy, shy, shy” part that makes everyone happy.

Was your favorite Sana moment included? If not, what would you have added to this list?


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