A Look Back On 9 Iconic Moments Of Unpretty Rapstar Season 1

A piece of history.

Unpretty Rapstar Season 1 was filled with legendary quotes, hilarious disses, and overall chaotic energy. We’ve collected the moments that stick out in our minds as memorable, amusing, or just downright crazy.

1. Lil Cham’s Rap, and the reactions that ensued.

During her freestyle, Lil Cham repeated the phrase “naega” (meaning “I” in Korean) over…and over…and nobody ever forgot.

2. “You think you’re funny?”

The only thing more hilarious than Jessi’s jab at Zico was his reaction.

3. Cheetah and Kisum growing a Mother-Daughter bond.

Truly nothing was more adorable than watching these two support eachother.

Cheetah’s pride when Kisum did well made her glow.

4. Jessi and Yuk Jidam following suit.

The pair had a similar connection, and we lived for it.

5. Tymee and Jolly V feuding…again.

We still don’t know whose side we were on, but we enjoyed every minute of it.

6. Jimin’s journey of self-discovery.

Watching Jimin cry on the first episode where she felt belittled by the others for being an idol rapper tugged at our heartstrings.

7. Jessi dissing Jolly V.

The moment we all realized we simultaneously love and fear Jessi.

8. Kisum fangirling over Zico.

Kisum is about as relatable as it gets.

9. “We’re not a team, this is a competition.”

This phrase should be trademarked.