“All Of Us Are Dead”: 10+ Of The Best Reactions To Netflix’s New Zombie K-Drama

“I’m not gonna survive…”

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Move over Squid Game; a new Neflix K-Drama is taking over! In All of Us are Dead, high school students fight to survive hordes of zombies. This thrilling horror series is jam-packed with action, compelling characters, and twists that will leave you hungering for more. Check out 10+ of the best reactions so far!

1. Who knew this would get you killed?

2. Hello, nightmares!

3. Player 240 is that you??

4. This painfully accurate summary

5. I mean, who isn’t?

6. The real reason to watch All of Us are Dead

Technically, WayV‘s Yangyang meant “cool” not handsome, but facts are facts!

7. Question: What is the show about? Answer:

8. It wouldn’t be the worst way to go…

9. Get back here!

10. Na Yeon isn’t exactly a fan-favorite…

11. Spoilers without context

12. Spoilers with context

All of Us Are Dead