“All Of Us Are Dead”: 4 Surprising Cameos You Might Have Missed

Did you spot them?

Netflix‘s new zombie K-Drama isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you look past all the blood and gore, you might spot a few familiar faces! Four stars made unexpected cameos in the series.

“All of Us are Dead” poster

1. Somebody save the bunny!

No, not BTS‘s bunny. It is, however, someone related to him.


Jungkook‘s BT21 character, a pink bunny named Cooky, made an unexpected cameo as a keychain.

Cooky | BT21

Cooky is athletic and strong, but he wasn’t much of a good luck charm for these ill-fated students!

2. Who is that glamorous goddess?

TWICE‘s Tzuyu! While all hell was breaking loose in the zombie-infested school, Tzuyu was just chilling…

…as a portrait on the wall. Fans spotted a sketch of the star in Episode 2.

| @jypechoutzuyu/Twitter

3. She looks familiar…

Tzuyu wasn’t the only K-Pop idol to show up in the series. OH MY GIRL‘s YooA also made a cameo…


…as a portrait. Her picture was tacked up right next to Tzuyu’s. (Side note: We would love it if these two teamed up as zombie hunters in Season 2!)

| @yooa_omg/Twitter

4. A change of genre?

Actress and CF queen Bae Suzy hasn’t starred in a zombie flick yet, but maybe she should?

Bae Suzy

All of Us are Dead viewers spotted Suzy’s soju advertisement out on the decimated streets. (We’re still trying to decide if the contrast is disturbing or hilarious.)

| @suj_ja9/Twitter

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All of Us Are Dead