10+ Times VICTON’s Chan Fanboyed Over HIGHLIGHT

He is an accomplished fanboy!

The popular group VICTON is well known for their love of senior group HIGHLIGHT (formerly known as BEAST). The group has covered songs from HIGHLIGHT and have mentioned them several times as their main role model. Though the whole group loves them, member Chan, in particular, has showcased his love for HIGHLIGHT numerous times.

Here are 10+ times VICTON’s Chan fanboyed over HIGHLIGHT/BEAST.

1. Chan was all smiles when he received this album

Look how curious and invested he is!

2. He also received their banner. Just Look at the excitement in his eyes!

3. Look how happy he got around HIGHLIGHT merchandise!

4. Every K-Pop fan can relate to Chan in this picture

This is chan at a HIGHLIGHT concert he attended! (Yoseob turn around!)

Yoseob (front/right) and Chan (back/left) | Nate Pann

The star Chan is starstruck by HIGHLIGHT’s Yoseob

Yoseob (front/right) and Chan (back/left) | Nate Pann

5. The time he sent a touching message to Yoseob during his appearance on King Of Masked Singer

6. When Yoseob also appeared on King Masked Singer and acknowledged Chan. Imagine Chan’s reaction!

7. When he announced Gikwang as his favorite member

8. The time he finally met Gikwang. The two fist-bumped and he uncontrollably fanboyed over it. Seriously adorable!

9. The time Chan tweeted about how he was excited to see his favorite group!

I’m looking forward to seeing my role model HIGHLIGHT, INTRO now and forever.

— Chan

10. He couldn’t stop mentioning his role model Gikwang

11. When Chan revealed he wanted to purchase the same perfume as Gikwang after meeting him

12. Chan sang HIGHLIGHT’s “Plz Don’t Be Sad” and it was too cute! It definitely brought happiness to the viewers

13. When he cutely sang “Gotta Go To Work.” HIGHLIGHT members must be touched!

14. He literally will sing a HIGHLIGHT song every chance he gets

15. Another lightstick moment!

16. When the whole group met with one another! Just look at how nervous Chan is

Chan (left) |
Chan (left) and Dongwoon (right) | @VICTON(빅톤)/Twitter

The whole group must’ve been nervous as HIGHLIGHT is many of the member’s role models!

| @VICTON(빅톤)/Twitter