Former X1 member, VICTON’s Han Seungwoo To Make Solo Debut In August – Here’s 5 Reasons Why He Deserves It

Han Seungwoo for president.

Han Seungwoo first stepped onto the radar with his successful stint in Produce 101, a little after his debut with VICTON. After X1‘s tragic disbandment, he has since returned to his original group, participating actively in their promotions.

The talented main vocal is now slated to make his solo debut, perhaps something many fans are looking forward to. His company, Play M Entertainment, home to Apink and Huh Gak as well, have confirmed that he will be releasing his first solo album on the 10th of August 2020. With the news of his impending solo debut in mind, here are 5 reasons why he is bound for success.

1. His vocals are insane.

We always knew he could sing – he’s not the main vocal for no reason! Han Seungwoo had the opportunity for his first drama OST with Hyena, as he sang the song “If We Can’t See From Tomorrow”. His emotional yet sweet voice really brings us to tears. Check out him singing the song live below.

2. S-E-X-Y

Seriously, if you’ve yet to watch his performance of “U GOT IT” on Produce 101, you’re missing out. He slayed the concept and choreography, captivating us with his effortless brand of sexy.

His tattoo below his collarbone completes the look.

Do yourself a favor and check out the full clip of his focused fancam here.

3. He can do cute too

He’s really got it all, and without really trying. He doesn’t even have to do aegyo to be cute.

A total visual feast.

4. He’s actually kind of funny

If you’ve yet to watch the gem that is Produce 101 in its final season, you really should. The most hilarious moments ensue as most of the boys are epic combinations of dramatic and “0 f*cks given”. Watch Han Seungwoo as he bounces his way through an obstacle course of product placement tea. Look at the trail of destruction he left in his wake!

5. He’s an all-rounder

Not only is he a great singer and dancer, he also can produce and write his own songs! Throughout the years, he has been releasing his own music through VICTON’s official YouTube channel. The songs are all of a more R&B, slow jam vibe as compared to VICTON’s songs themselves. We’re absolutely in love with them. Take a listen to “CRUSH ON U” here.

He is the first member of VICTON to go solo, since their debut 4 years ago in 2016. With all his talent and charms, it is impossible for him not to succeed!

Source: SE Daily