Here Are The Visual Triangles Of 8 K-Pop Groups According To K-Netizens

#3’s visual line is insane.

When 3 visuals are in the same group — or even the same picture — things can get deadly. Check out the groups below with 3 members who constantly receive praise for the visuals from K-Netizens!

1. Jin – V – Jungkook (BTS)

These three vocalists of BTS boast elegant visuals…

…and they’re even stronger when they’re together.

Each member has their own appeal.

Despite being so different, they fit well together.

The oldest member with the two youngest members makes for some gorgeous photo ops!

2. Mina – Sana – Tzuyu (TWICE)

Mina, Sana, and Tzuyu create a visual explosion when they’re in the same frame.

Despite being in a K-Pop group, none of them are Korean!

Consisting of two Japanese members and one Taiwanese member, they’re all stunning.

When they’re captured in the same shot on stage, it’s visual perfection.

Pretty, elegant, and cute — They all have different strengths when it comes to visuals.

3. Junkyu – Haruto – Asahi (TREASURE)

This visual line became popular amongst K-Netizens on online communities.

This time, there are two Japanese members and one Korean member!

Junkyu’s polished looks and bright smile make him absolutely adorable.

Meanwhile, Haruto’s cold flower boy visuals appeal to a lot of fans.

Asahi’s stunning features and platinum hair make him hard to miss!

4. Jang Wonyoung – Kim Minjoo – Ahn Yujin (IZ*ONE)

These three IZ*ONE members are undeniably stunning, especially when they’re all in the same frame.

With their young and innocent visuals, the three girls resemble dolls.

For being so young, they have some serious height!

They range from 5’5″ to 5’7″.


5. Ong Seongwu – Hwang Minhyun – Lai Kuanlin (Wanna One)

Wanna One’s visual line consisted of these three handsome members.

Minhyun has his smouldering visuals with his sharp features…

…while Seongwu could pass for an actor…

…and Guanlin’s youthful glow was adorable!

The three standing together was eye candy for Wannables!

6. Kim Doyeon – Kyulkyung – Jung Chaeyeon (I.O.I)

I.O.I’s visuals all had their own unique aura that made them stand out as visuals.

They’re all so different…

…but when they come together…

…their visuals were insane!

The three gorgeous ladies made it hard to pick a favorite.

7. Seohyun – Yoona – Yuri (Girls Generation)

Girls Generation’s visual line was known as Seohyun, Yoona, and Yuri.

The three modelesque ladies drew the most attention from K-Netizens.

Look how stunning they are next to each other at events…

…and on stage!

8. Victoria – Krystal – Sulli (f(x))

The visual triangle of f(x) consisted of these three stunning ladies.

Victoria, Krystal, and the late Sulli drew attention.

They slayed every look!

The three fit well together.



Source: TheQoo