Here Are 8 Vocal Lines From 4th Generation Groups Netizens Think Have Unique Tones To Their Voices

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It is very common in K-Pop groups for each member to have a specific role, such as rap, dance, and vocals. Although these are not set, it represents the members that excel in each skill. Recently, vocal lines in fourth-generation groups have caught the attention of netizens.

Here is a look at eight 4th generation vocal lines netizens think have the most unique and distinctive voices.


From ballads to high-tempo tracks, the four primary vocalists in ATEEZ can adapt their voices to different genres. Jongho has an intense power and range, San‘s voice oozes emotion, and Yunho and Seonghwa can flip between a falsetto and bass tone. Each member’s voice is easily distinguishable and carries unique qualities.

2. (G)I-DLE

In (G)I-DLE, all of the members have unique voices. Soyeon can reach a wide range of notes with a distinct tone that is easily recognizable, making it stand out in each track. In contrast, Yuqi has a very low, rounded tone, and Minnie‘s voice is almost dream-like. When all of these voices come together, they create something magical and easy to listen to.


There is no denying that what makes ONEUS stand out is that all members can sing, but the official vocal line consists of Seoho and Keonhee. Whether in a studio setting or live, their voices shine, carrying emotion and power throughout with their sweet and warm tones. In particular, both of their voices are very distinct and can easily be picked out from a larger group of singers.

4. Stray Kids

With four members counted as Stray Kids’ vocal line, the group shows diversity and uniqueness in everything they do. Lead vocalist Seungmin has a natural tone that oozes delicacy and effortless. Combined with Bang Chan‘s almost rock-esque voice and Han‘s and I.N‘s technical ability, the members can create performances that stand out in every way.

5. Purple Kiss

Like many groups under RBW Enter, the upcoming girl group Purple Kiss members are diverse and able to tackle all roles. However, many have specifically praised ChaeinGoeun, and maknae Swan. Whether it is power, depth, and emotion, they can sing any genre and add their twist with their unique vocals.


Like many groups on this list, all the members of BVNDIT have unique voices. What makes them so distinct is the tones of each of their voices, which are much deeper than other girl groups in the industry. In particular, their voices stand out on stage during live performances, instantly allowing you to recognize the group.

7. Treasure

Despite debuting in 2020, Treasure has already gained a lot of popularity and attention from fans for their vocal talents. As expected from this fourth-generation group, most of the members are extremely strong vocalists. What makes them stand out the most is the tones to each of their voices. Yedam, Jeongwoo, and Junkyu all have recognizable voices, allowing them to sing all genres and styles.

8. AB6IX

With only four members, DaehwiWoong, and Donghyun all have incredibly distinct voices. Compared to other groups, all AB6IX’s vocalists have sweet and melodious voices, which can also quickly change to something more powerful and emotional. When combined, they create something magical that is so special and calming.

Source: FI and FI