5+ Quick And New Facts About TWICE’s Tzuyu That You Might Not Know About Yet

#5 is heart-wrenching.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu recently sat down for an interview with W Korea after finishing up her colorful photoshoot for contemporary designer brand Tory Burch.

The “Talk That Talk” singer was asked several questions about herself, and her answers helped fans better understand her personality! In no particular order, check out 5+ interesting facts about her as revealed in the interview.

1. “What do you do when you make a mistake while performing?”

One reason why it isn’t easy being a K-Pop idol is because mistakes made on stage are seen by everyone watching. All eyes or on them, so they’re pressured to put on a flawless performance. However, it isn’t easy to avoid making them.

Whenever it happens to Tzuyu, she tries to maintain her professionalism, but she understands that mistakes are inevitable.

I pretend nothing happened. I sometimes get flustered, but some things can’t be helped.

— Tzuyu

2. “Anything you can’t do without?”

Next, the girl group member was asked if there’s something she can’t live without. She happily chose snacks, particularly sweets like ice cream and cookies. “Snacks, of course! I love cookies too,” she shared.

3. “If you played Secret Santa with the members, what would you like to receive?”

The TWICE members have played Secret Santa before, but this time, Tzuyu wants a completely different gift. She recently got into the hobby of raising plants, so she’d like “a machine that enables you to grow plants indoors.

One thing she likes about it is that it provides light, controls the temperature, and prevents bugs from invading.

4. “What do you fear the most?”

The interview took a more serious turn when she was asked about her greatest fear. The K-Pop idol admitted that she hates long, slimy insects. Additionally, unlike many people, she isn’t afraid of ghosts. She’s more scared when humans kill each other.

5. “What are your worries these days?”

When asked what she’s worried about these days, Tzuyu confessed that she and her members were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to successfully complete their recent promotions.

6. “Who do you talk to when you need advice?”

Last but not the least, the TWICE member was asked who she turns to for advice, and she smiled as she revealed that it’s none other than her mom! But rather than give advice, her mom gives her encouragement.

I talk to my mom a lot. Not so much advice as encouragement. ‘Tzuyu, you’re doing good.’

— Tzuyu

In related news, Tzuyu’s photoshoot for Tory Burch impressed fans because it showed a different side to the elegant singer. See it for yourself here:

TWICE’s Tzuyu Is Mature And Confident In Photoshoot With Contemporary Designer Brand Tory Burch

Source: YouTube


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