Netizens Name The Most Iconic Moments That Made Each Wanna One Member A Hot Topic On Produce 101 Season 2

Let’s relive the glory days!

Any time is a good time to rehash the most iconic moments of Produce 101 Season 2. Check out the moments below that, according to Netizens, made each of the Wanna One members go viral and ultimately land a spot in the group!

11. Ha Sungwoon

Sungwoon‘s performance of “Downpour” left fans in tears and displayed his immense talent.


10. Bae Jinyoung — “Spring Day”

Jinyoung broke out of his shell and — despite his adorable eye patch — captured hearts with “Spring Day.”


9. Hwang Minhyun — “Downpour”

Like Sungwoon, Minhyun converted viewers into his loyal fans with this beautiful vocal performance.


8. Yoon Jisung — Reaction King

Jisung‘s expressive reactions and hilarious commentary made fans fall instantly in love with him!


7. Lai Guanlin — “Fear”

Guanlin stepped up to the plate as the center for “Fear.”


6. Park Woojin — “10 Out Of 10”

Nobody will ever forget “Sexy baby, oh my lady!”


5. Ong Seongwu

From the moment Seongwu auditioned, his killer skills and good looks cultivated a huge following.


4. Kim Jaehwan

Jaehwan tugged at everyone’s heartstrings with this one simple line from his “Sorry Sorry” performance.


3. Lee Daehwi

Ever since Daehwi snagged the center for “Pick Me,” fans couldn’t envision the final group without him!


2. Park Jihoon

There’s no explanation needed for why “Wink Boy” became a viral hot topic at the end of “Pick Me!”

1. Kang Daniel

Daniel‘s “Sorry Sorry” performance is in the hall of fame somewhere for “things that made fangirls totally lose their minds.”


Source: TheQoo

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