WayV Set Twitter Ablaze With Their Live Stream Test Yesterday – Here’s 10 Relatable Reactions

Lucas put-on-a-shirt challenge.

WayV decided to surprise fans a little yesterday, on the 29th of July 2020, with a guerrilla live stream session. Although the session only lasted about five minutes, it was enough to send the fans screaming, perhaps due to the fact that Lucas was on camera, shirtless.

| @trinitie123/Twitter

On an Instagram live session later in the day with Hendery, it was explained that he had just been exercising. Or…maybe he just knew what he was doing. 😏

Fans were going bonkers when they opened the live stream. Here are 10 of the most hilarious reactions.

1. When they noticed how Louis, the cat, had a bias too

The stark difference between Louis’ expressions is absolutely hilarious. Even more so when you realize, perhaps it is because of Lucas’ pet name for him…

2. …which happens to be “fat boy”

Yes, you read that right. Lucas has endearingly nicknamed Louis, “fat boy” in Cantonese, his native language. Hendery clarified that they do it out of love though! Fans thought that the nickname was hilarious too.

3. When fans aptly pointed out the thirst bait

Well, when you’re as handsome as Lucas, having a fit body too is practically against the law.

4. When fans couldn’t deal with the vibe change between Winwin’s and Lucas’ appearances

Winwin stole the camera from Lucas for a bit there, and fans were stunned at the drastic change in vibes.

No but is this the same live stream? It bounced from all-ages teen drama to 19+…

— @sendingUlove_10 on Twitter

5. When fans were ready to throw arms

Yep, all’s fair in love and war – we’d jump whoever put our hearts at risk too, idol or not.

6. When things got all soft

Relatable, sis. Winwin + Cat = Soft hours open.

7. When Kun popped in for a visit

His adorable giggle and “Kuuun test” has us wiping tears too.

8. When this fan was whipped for Lucas

I don’t know how to not love this man

— @99nctxx on Twitter

We’re still finding a way out too.

9. When fans realized how lucky they were

As idols are mostly kept to guidelines with live streams, WayV’s absolutely casual and snuggly live stream was a breath of fresh air for fans.

10. Lucas’ duality

Fans have always compared him to a huge puppy, and it looks like they’ve found another apt comparison, from How To Train Your Dragon.

The short test session came right before WayV dropped the english version for their song, “Bad Alive”. Listen to the bop here if you’ve yet to, while we all wait for their next live stream!