WayV’s Ten Breaks Down The Concepts Behind His Looks For “Paint Me Naked” Music Show Performances

Each one gave a completely different vibe!

WayV‘s Ten broke the Internet with his teaser photos for his recent single “Paint Me Naked!” He rocked three of the iconic looks during his music show promotions for the single. In a recent vlog, Ten explained the concept behind each look!

Ten from NCT, WayV, and SuperM. | WayV/YouTube 

1. Shy, Blushing Ten

For the debut performance, Ten said the makeup concept was “shy Ten who blushes!” He put some peach-colored blush across his nose and cheeks for the effect.

| WayV/YouTube

It was such a cute touch to the cool, streetwear outfit he had on.

| WayV/YouTube 

2. Juice Face

The next look had a completely different vibe. Ten even described his hair concept as “dirty” and “nasty!” He wanted it to look like he had just woken up.

| WayV/YouTube 

The hairstylists compared his hair to a hedgehog and Ten agreed, saying that he used to have a hedgehog before and its hair would raise whenever it got scared or heard something loud.

| WayV/YouTube 

Ten said he really loved his outfit that day! He wore a mesh pink top that he compared to the wrapper used to carry fruit. Ten even said he’d “appreciate it if you imagine a fruit as you watch my performance.”

| WayV/YouTube 

One stylist described it as “fruity face,” and said “juice face” in English. Ten thought it suited him well!

“I think that suits me very well.” | WayV/YouTube 

3. Son of the CEO

For the last performance, Ten wore a Louis Vuitton suit that made him look super expensive. He described the concept as “CEO’s son.”

CEO’s son.” | WayV/YouTube 

Not only that, but the son of the CEO of a company that makes stones for the Chinese board game Go! His suit has white and black blocks which match the white and black Go pieces.

| WayV/YouTube 

Check out the full vlog below!

Source: YouTube