3 Ways WayV’s Ten Fights Off Stress And Keeps Smiling

You’ll be smiling after doing at least one of these.

WayV‘s Ten is no stranger to having a busy schedule, balancing multiple groups and solo promotions. That doesn’t stop the idol from always keeping a smile on his face. Thanks to a fan who needed advice during a JOOX live broadcast, Ten shared some of the ways he handles stress.

Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

1. Talk It Out

The first method Ten recommended was talking out your emotions with someone who understands you. Since everyone needs to vent every so often, it makes it more therapeutic.

I think you need to find someone who you can relate to and share your story with them. I think you need someone to really listen to you when you’re tired.

— Ten

2. New Scenery

Ten mentioned that a change in scenery could equal a change in mind. He said, “So find your friend and just hang out, or go to a park.

He even recommended some activities that were perfect for fighting off stress and bringing joy. Ten suggested taking a walk or getting some fresh air to clear your mind.

3. Sweets For All

The last method Ten suggested was sure to boost your happiness in an instant. He added, “Or eat something sweet. That’s helped me a lot.

Since Ten snuck into the bathroom to snack on a whole cake once, this one is proven to work.

Source: Twitter