11 Examples Of Weird And Wonderful K-Pop Merchandise

There are more merch options than anyone could have ever imagined.

In the world of K-Pop, there is no shortage of amazing pieces of merchandise that fans can buy to show some major love and support for their idols. While we all know about the albums, photocards, and lightsticks there are even more interesting options out there. Here are some of the wackiest and most wonderful goods that fans were surprised to find available for purchase.


1. EXO’s “Universe” coffee

Released as part of their special winter album last year, EXO‘s “Universe” featured amazing honey vocals along with plenty of cozy sweaters and warm drinks to keep you toasty and warm throughout the cold winter nights.


And because the music video featured so much coffee, SM Entertainment had the brilliant idea to make an official version of the drink so fans could bring a little bit more magic from the MV to their own homes. While we’ve never tried it ourselves, fans that have said it’s quite delicious!


2. SHINee’s wax kit

Need to up your stationary game? Well, if you’re a Shawol you’ve got the option to use an official SHINee wax letter sealing kit that even includes a special wax that matches the group’s official color.


3. BTS’s hand cream

While plenty of idols have sponsored various health and beauty brands over the years, fans were quite surprised to find out that BTS had their own hand cream set.


4. BTOB’s body pillow

On one episode of Feel So Goods, the members of BTOB made life-size pillow versions of themselves. While these pillows aren’t actually for sale, some people loved the idea so much that they created their own versions.


5. Taemin (SHINee) shower curtain

Besides the more normal merchandise like t-shirts, bracelets, and posters, this shower curtain was available to fans as part of the official goods for Taemin‘s Off-Sick tour.


6. Super Junior and EXO’s ramen

Super Junior and EXO had their very own official ramens. Super Junior’s was a fiery habanero flavor while EXO’s was a cooler jjamppong style ramen.


7. EXO’s milk

If you weren’t already impressed with EXO‘s official ramen or their coffee, then what about their official milk? That’s right, EXO once had their very own milk.


8. BTS Jin’s special ringtone

Calling all Jin stans! Need Jin’s adorable windshield wiper laugh to bless your ears even more, then behold this special app!


A developer called Jojos Company made an app called “Jin laugh” which is literally just a whole bunch of Jin laughs for you to enjoy. Although it’s currently only available to those using Android-enabled phones, the overall verdict is that this app is pure perfection. And if you’d rather have an app of Suga simply shouting “J-Hooooooope” or one with a combination of J-Hope‘s sound effects they’re out there too!


9. TWICE’s kitchenware

ONCEs can now have official TWICE goods in their kitchen too, like this adorable Mina penguin pot perfect for cooking up some ramen. There’s even a Jeongyeon pot stand available for purchase too.


10. Keyboard stickers

Turns out you don’t have to get on your computer to see your favorite K-Celebs, at least not if you’ve got these keyboard stickers. Although many K-Pop fans aren’t completely sold on the idea, the option does exist for those who like it.


11. K-Pop coat hangers

No, we are not making this up! Hallyu star hangers are actually a thing in China, so you can hang your coat and sweater up on stars like Kim Soo Hyun and G-Dragon.


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