6 Wildest Things BTS Have Done On A Weverse Live

When the parasocial relationship starts parasocialing…

Despite their global celebrity status, BTS still don’t shy away from being their true chaotic selves when interacting with ARMYs, whether in real life or during virtual hangout sessions.

BTS | Weverse

Here are seven wildest moments from the members’ livestreams with fans that changed the trajectory of their relationship with ARMYs forever:

1. The restroom guards

A few years ago, J-Hope hosted a livestream late at night while he was alone in the practice room of HYBE. He needed to use the restroom to wash his hands and surprisingly took his phone while the stream was on. Fans later joked that he was so afraid of going to the washroom alone in the empty building that he took ARMYs with him for “protection.”

2. The never-ending gaming session

Last year, while ARMYs were making their peace with the news of BTS’s temporary hiatus, Jin suddenly turned on a gaming live broadcast on Weverse that ended up lasting a total of 3 hours. Throughout the stream, Jin mostly yelled at the screen because of the game, leading to some amazing memes afterward.

3. ARMYs in his pocket

During one of his recent livestreams, Jimin received a request from ARMYs to put them in his pocket and go home. Being the loving idol he is, he complied, and 7 million viewers were suddenly in the darkness of his trouser pocket. Twice.

4. Folding laundry

Right after Calvin Klein announced Jungkook as their global brand ambassador, the singer hosted a Weverse livestream, where he folded his laundry in front of millions of viewers. His purple Calvin Klein underwear became a hot topic afterward.

5. Sleep tight

As astonishing as it might sound, multiple BTS members have actually dozed off on livestreams while millions of people were left watching over them through a screen. V, Jin, and Jungkook are all guilty as charged, but the former two did wake up and continue to broadcast after the short naps. In the case of Jungkook, he completely fell asleep while hosting a livestream, leaving ARMYs stressed out about the burning candle on his table. A staff member had to turn off the stream remotely after several minutes.

6. A quick shave

In his recent Weverse Live, V said he has been told facial hair doesn’t suit him. So, he went into the washroom and did a quick shave while millions of ARMYs were left staring at the ceiling of his washroom.