7 Times WINNER’s Mino Instantly Regretted Bragging About His Athletic Skills

Instant regret:

WINNER‘s Mino is an ace when it comes to rapping, writing, producing, and all things art. When it comes to his athletic abilities, however, his skills are probably best described as adorably clumsy. Mino always tries his hardest and while he has found some sports he absolutely excels at…

Some of his athletic adventures have definitely not gone to plan no matter how much he hypes them up beforehand. Here are a few moments that Mino instantly regretted bragging about his athletic prowess:

1. When Mino’s third dan proved useless

Mino casually dropped his Taekwondo skills into his conversation with Zion T during My Major Is Hip Hop

Image: “My Major Is Hip Hop”

Unfortunately, his third dan was no help when they were later “kidnapped” by brawny Yongin University students!

Image: “My Major Is Hip Hop”

2. When he got all fired up only for gravity to ruin his plan

Gravity definitely was not Mino’s friend in this case!

Image: “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets”

3. And channeling some extra firepower proved useless

Continuing the game of Jokgu in It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets, Mino gathered up some extra power in preparation for receiving the ball only to end up with an unexpected result.

Image: “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets”

4. When his game of pool volleyball didn’t go quite as planned

Mino was very excited to show off his athletic skills and have some fun in the pool but the ball was just not behaving the way he wanted it to.

Image: “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets”

5. When Mino was ready for victory but Jinu swooped in to claim it

6. When even New Journey To The West was ready to call bullsh*t

After Kang Ho Dong complimented Mino’s feet saying they looked like they were suited for sports, Mino responded right back confirming his athletic ability was good. New Journey To The West, however, didn’t pull any punches with their caption!

7. And when Inner Circle were too