15+ Pictures To Celebrate Wonho Reaching 2 Million Instagram Followers

Each shirtless selfie helped him to reach this milestone.

Wonho has reached the milestone of hitting 2 million followers on his personal Instagram account. In honor of the former MONSTA X member’s achievement, here are 18 pictures from the account to remind us all why we started following him in the first place.

1. Black and white in the bedroom.

2. These thirst traps have no need for subtlety.

3. His pictures are minimal, but they show the important things.

4. It’s Christmas every day for his followers.

5. This should be the cover of every magazine.

6. A large man with his tiny cake.

7. He always looks good, shirt on or off.

8. Those shorts are working just as hard as he does.

9. His precious smile gets the limelight.

10. His captions always let you know what’s going on.

11. Wonho shows why it’s important to stretch.

12. He makes simple moves look super cool.

13. Here’s his #back.

14. His veins speak volumes.

15. He reminds his fans to eat in style.

16. His body can motivate anyone to start working out.

17. His pout and smile presented as gifts.

18. Never underestimate the power of bed selfies.

If only it were possible to follow him more than once.