Wonho’s Heart Is Bigger Than His Biceps—Here Are 7 Moments That Show It

His muscles may be big but his heart is bigger.

Throughout the years, Wonho has made it clear that he would do anything for those he loves. As we wait for his comeback, let’s take a look at some of the things he’s done while with MONSTA X and as a solo artist that show that his heart is bigger than his biceps.

1. Wiping down seats for fans with his own sleeve.

During a fan meet and greet with MONSTA X, the group was appalled to find out that fans would have to kneel to take a picture with the group. They asked staff to provide the fans with chairs and Wonho made sure they were clean and dry by wiping them off with the sleeve of his immaculate blazer—showing that he cares more for the fans’ comfort than his looks.

2. Giving away his umbrella to fans.

To further emphasize that he cares about the fans’ comfort above anything else, here’s a time he spotted fans waiting outside their schedule in the rain. He quickly ran up to them and gave away his own umbrella so that they wouldn’t catch a cold.

3. Not drinking alcohol because he doesn’t want to hurt anybody

On MONSTA X’s official fancafe, Wonho once explained that the reason he doesn’t drink alcohol is not because he’s trying to take care of his body, but because he doesn’t want to hurt others and make mistakes while under the influence.

| @chocohyoo/Twitter

4. Simply wanting someone who can cook ramen for him.

When asked about his ideal type, Wonho just had one thing to say: “As long as you can cook ramen, gender doesn’t matter to me.” He doesn’t care for gender norms and gender roles, taking people as they are for their personality instead.

| Mwave

5. Writing songs specifically for his fans.

Wonho has a history of touching, meaningful songs under his belt such as “From Zero” and “널하다 (I Do Love U),” but the most recent one he’s dedicated to fans is on his upcoming album, Love Synonym #2: Right for Us, set to be released on February 26. On the tracklist, fans spotted something special—a song titled “WENEED,” referring to his fandom name WENEE.

| @official__wonho/Twitter

6. Hugging I.M tightly because he was cold.

He doesn’t just look out for fans—he looks out for his team as well. While preparing for their 2019 MX Kingdom fancon, rapper I.M was wrapped up in a blanket and shivering due to the cold, so naturally Wonho wrapped his arms around him to share body heat and keep him warm.

7. Buying gifts for his members and their entire staff.

During the last episode of season one of MONSTA X-RAY, their reality show, Wonho spent the one hour he had alone to go buy a gift for I.M as his birthday was approaching. However, that’s not all he bought.


He bought gifts for the other members and the whole staff as well!


These gifts were fluffy bunny keychains which held a special meaning, because Wonho’s representative animal is a bunny!


It was a genuinely kind gesture, as he wanted to show them his gratitude for helping them film MONSTA X-RAY and give them something to remember him by.


We could never forget you, Wonho!