Entire World Mesmerized By CL, EXO, and Honey Lee’s Performances At 2018 Olympic Closing Ceremony

CL, EXO and Honey Lee put on their special performances at the 2018 Olympics closing ceremony, and the world is all about it right now!

1. CL

CL has a successful solo career since 2NE1 disbanded in 2016 and she rocked the house with her fiery “THE BADDEST FEMALE”, but the audience was also excited to hear her sing 2NE1’s iconic “I Am The Best!”

Image: Elite Daily


2. EXO

EXO‘s dynamic performance began with a solo dance by Kai to traditional instrumental music that mixed together the sounds of a kkwaenggwari and an electric drum beat. The energy jumped to 200% when the rest of the members appeared to sing “Growl” and then “Power”.


3. Honey Lee

Honey Lee, former Miss Korea and traditional music and dance legend, showed the audience the beauty of Korea’s cultural roots by dancing the chuaengmu. The theme of the performance, called “Light and Harmony”, expressed the longing for spring and quiet beauty.


Source: Xsportnews

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