Korean Journalists Pick The Top 3 Worst Male Idols’ Fashion Of 2023 — And Netizens Are Divided

Do you agree with their spicy picks?

Korean journalists recently discussed some of the wackiest airport fashion looks that have come out of the past year. Check out their hot takes below and see if you agree with their polarizing choices!

1. Felix (Stray Kids)

Felix received flack for this outfit for overusing statement pieces. Though he looks stunning in Louis Vuitton, the logo is used excessively on too many different pieces: His beanie, coat, bag, and shoes!

Felix | TV Report

“This shows that if you overuse statement pieces, nothing becomes a statement piece,” reporter Kim Seong Hyeon wrote.

| News 1

However, nobody can deny that Felix always looks gorgeous!

| TV Report

By removing a few of the pieces that feature the Louis Vuitton logo, he could create a focal point to his look and create a more luxurious feeling.

| X Sports News

2. Taemin (SHINee)

Whether you love Taemin’s look or are not a fan, reporter Kang Nae Ri didn’t see his vision.

Taemin | Newsen

Specifically, the reporter jokingly mentioned that the “purple pants with numerous holes in them makes it seem like he wants you to suffer from trypophobia.”

| Osen

They also noted how his beanie and scoop neck shirt are an odd combination.

| X Sports News

However, it’s hard to deny that Taemin looks great in a grungy style! His cute Kuromi keychain attached to his belt is an added bonus.

| Newsen

3. Yeonjun (TXT)

Unfortunately, Yeonjun’s “human GUCCI” look felt flat with reporters.

| Newsen 

Reporters noted how the combination of prints on the suit and the bag create a dizzying effect.

| TV Report

The outfit may have been too busy for their taste…

| Newsen

…but Yeonjun’s visuals are always top tier!

| Newsen
Source: Nate Pann