5 BTS Dance Moves That Will Have You Wrecked

Are you ready to get hyped up?

We all know just how hot BTS‘s dance moves can get sometimes (ok scratch that, all the time). Here’s several of their iconic dances moves for your viewing pleasure.


1. Baepsae

This song is known for it’s sick beat and pelvic thrust dance moves. The personal twists the members put on this dance move has fans feeling some type of way.





















Watch this dance move in action here:






2. Blood, Sweat, and Tears

This iconic Jungkook grinding down to the floor move is something fans cannot get enough of. The last thrust move at the end is always a killer.







3. No More Dream

The legendary shirt lift move is a favorite among fans as it’s a rare moment we can catch a glimpse of their chocolate abs.








4. Fire

The speed that they do this crazy dance move is faster than my internet speed.














5. Dimple

These body rolls just flow seamlessly like a wave, melting fans’ hearts like butta! Trust me when I say I’m guilty of watching this on repeat one too many times.








So who’s ready to get down? (We know Taehyung is!)