Here Are 15 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Blessed Us With Her Adorable Chipmunk Cheeks

She has the most pinchable cheeks!

BLACKPINK‘s Rose has several nicknames and while many of them have great meanings behind them, her nickname of “Chipmunk” might be the cutest one of them all! Because of her adorably squishy cheeks and the way they look when she eats, fans couldn’t help but compare them to the cheeks of a chipmunk.

Here are 15 moments Rosé lived up to her adorable nickname

1. Her cheeks are so squishy!

Her cheeks are squishy and she knows it!


2. Her hidden talent also brings out her cute chipmunk vibes!

Every time Rosé shows off her incredible hidden talent, she also shows off her super soft cheeks!

| TV-People/YouTube

3. She has the most precious facial expressions!

Rosé is always looking cute and her cheeks help make facial expressions adorable!

4. They definitely show when she’s eating

Everyone knows Rosé is a huge foodie and when she’s enjoying a delicious meal, there’s no hiding her cute chipmunk cheeks!

5. The most pinchable cheeks

Lisa has a hard time not pinching Rosé’s cheeks and we can see why!

6. They’re hard not to poke too!

If you’re wondering how if Rosé’s cheeks are squishy enough to poke, Lisa has shown us they definitely are!


| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

7. They’re even kissable!

Rosé’s squishy chipmunk cheeks can be pinched, poked, and kissed, and it’s all been clearly proven by Lisa

8. Rosé has confirmed her chipmunk cheeks are the cutest!

Even Rosé herself can’t resist her adorable cheeks!

9. Her side profile is soo pretty!

Rosé can show off her charming cheeks especially well from the side!

10. They definitely give her soft visuals

Rosé looks a bit tired but BLINKs will never get tired of her and her chipmunk cheeks.


11. They show even when she’s angry!

It seems like Rosé cheeks always stand out when making any facial expression and we love it!

| YG Entertainment

12. Is this not the cutest picture you’ve ever seen?!

Rosé is sending love and showing off her ridiculously cute chipmunk cheeks

13. Her cheeks are so rosy!

Rosé’s cheeks are definitely rosy! It really does give her the cutest youthful visuals!


14. They just look like the softest cheeks in the world

Rosé is out here giving everyone a hard attack with her lovely visuals and soft cheeks!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

15. Chipmunk Rosé forever!

No matter when or where, Rosé has proven to this day that she and her cute cheeks live up to her nickname!


Source: Naver TV