5 “Y/N Moments” At 88rising’s 2022 Head In The Clouds Festival

These people are living their best lives straight outta fanfiction!

This weekend, 88rising had their annual HITC Festival (Head In The Clouds Festival) in Los Angeles, and the lineup was out of the world this year.

Those who attended truly had unforgettable experiences, especially as many artists delivered phenomenal fanservice that appeared straight out of fanfiction. Dare we say some individuals literally were living their best “Y/N moments.”

Of course, nothing can top last year’s when BIBI literally left the stage to kiss a fan on the mouth!

BIBI Kisses A Fan At 88rising’s “Head In The Clouds 2021” Festival

But this year certainly had lucky fans too! So, here are 5 Y/N moments from 2022 Head In The Clouds

1. Chung Ha pausing her performance to sign an album

2. GOT7’s Jackson Wang taking off his shirt just to give it to a fan

3. Jay Park taking a fan’s phone

4. eaJ literally going into the crowd

5. Michelle Yeoh blowing this fan a kiss


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