Chungha Pauses Her HITC Festival Performance Just For One Lucky Fan

It shows her true personality.

Talented soloist Chungha recently performed at the HITC Festival (Head In The Clouds Festival) in Los Angeles, and, as always, she captivated fans with her incredible performance.

Chungha at the HITC Festival | @Kiimmoy/Twitter
| @Kiimmoy/Twitter

But Chungha’s fans adore her for more than her immense talent as the idol is constantly showing off her selfless, kindhearted personality. At the recent HallyuPopFest in Sydney, Chungha took time during her performance to uphold a promise she’d made to a fan.

Chungha at HallyuPopFest | @CHUNGHA_MNHent/Twitter

And now, once again, Chungha paused her performance to show her love for her fans. Throughout her performance, Chungha relied on security guards to help collect fan letters from members of the audience.

She also took fans’ phones to record videos, proving how much she enjoyed interacting with the audience.

And when Chungha spotted one of her fans holding her album, she actually paused her setlist to sign it.

| @chunghazone/Twitter 

She even took the time to make sure she spelled the fan’s name right.

| @lyssags/Twitter 

Once she’d finished signing the album, Chungha made sure to thank the audience for their patience.

Thank you so much.

— Chungha

And explained that once she saw her album in the crowd, she couldn’t resist signing it.

My album was just there…

— Chungha

| @chunghazone/Twitter 

But of course, the crowd was full of supportive fans who love the idol’s constant positivity and kindness.

And the lucky fan couldn’t help but express her excitement at the experience of a lifetime.

Especially given Chungha’s recent struggles with MNH Entertainment, being able to interact closely with her fans must be something she’s truly enjoying.

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