7 Times YG Entertainment Boy Groups Made Songs Just For Their Fans—And Stole Everyone’s Hearts

#5 is iKONIC.

YG Entertainment groups certainly love their fans! Though they already show it in their frequent selfies, life updates, jam-packed promotions, and more, they still want to express their love in the way they know best: singing.

Here are seven times they showed their love for fans with tracks made especially for them!

1. TREASURE’s “Everyday”

First up, TREASURE released “Everyday” on August 6, 2021. It was a gift for TREASURE Makers on the day of their first year anniversary.


The track was refreshingly honest as the members expressed their wish to see their fans soon.

‘Sorry, I’m a bit busy,’ I said
While only giving short answers
My heart is tight
And I’m a little frustrated
I pretend to be okay but I’m hiding it
You don’t know how much I miss you
Even if I don’t say it
I miss you everyday

— TREASURE in “Everyday”

2. WINNER’s “Remember”

WINNER is another YG Entertainment boy group who loves their fans wholeheartedly. Before oldest members JINU and HOONY enlisted in the army, they made one final comeback with “Remember.”

WINNER | YG Entertainment

It was a heartbreaking ballad asking fans to “Forever, remember” the members. It came with a meaningful music video that referenced their past, from the time TEAM A became WINNER in Who Is Next: WIN to the concerts and performances they had over the years.

WINNER and Inner Circle will be together forever!


“MILLIONS” was another memento to WINNER’s fans, but this time it had a positive vibe. It was flirty and fun, with the members singing about how they have millions of reasons to like Inner Circles.

4. iKON – “Wait For Me”

iKON may have debuted in 2015 but they were active in the industry since Who Is Next: WIN. When they were still Team B in 2014, they released “Wait For Me,” a song written by Bobby and B.I.

iKON | YG Entertainment

It was another emotional song that depicts the hopes of their members to meet their supporters as soon as possible.

Wait (wait) because I’ll go to you right now
Wherever you are, I’ll go
Wait for me, hey, time is ticking faster
Wait (wait) because I’ll go to you right now
I’ll run against time and go to you, wait for me, yeah
So that my heart can reach her

— iKON’s “Wait For Me”

5. iKON – “Just For You”

iKON has many songs dedicated to iKONICS! Another one is “Just For You” (2018), a sweet track that’s not unlike a boyfriend singing to his special someone.

I’ll just be good to you, I’ll protect you
I’ll make you smile as much as you cried
I’ll be your star, I’ll shined on you
I’ll stay by your side as much as you waited

— iKON’s “Just For You”

iKONICS who attended their past concerts and fan meetings were even featured in the music video.


BIGBANG is the most senior group in this list and they released a full range of songs with varied meanings. One of the most outstanding ones was “MONSTER” (2012).

BIGBANG in 2012 | YG Entertainment

It was very different from the other tracks here since it had a desperate and almost self-deprecating undertone—in fact, it was dedicated to the fans who left them.

A life without you is like an imprisonment for life
An extinction from the world to the point where I’d go crazy


7. BIGBANG – “Flower Road”

Finally, we have to round up the list with BIGBANG’s iconic song “Flower Road” (2018). G-Dragon and T.O.P wrote the track ahead of their lengthy hiatus prior to the mandatory military service of most members. It was a gift to their supporters in the form of a digital single.

If you miss me, come back to me
Then you can love me again
Go on this flower road and take a rest
Then wait for me at that place

— BIGBANG in “Flower Road”

YG Entertainment groups sure know how to give the best kind of fan service!